The 9-10th of December we will meet and move, train and have fun with all the coaches, participants and friends of Quality Movement Parkour!


Winter is coming. This will be the harshest one yet. Come and find out if you have acquired the skills to overcome the final winter before proving your worth in Ragnarök.

Fimbulwinterjam IV is an event about adapting to your environment, no matter how harsh and unpredictable. With skills acquired from Parkour/ Freerunning/ L’art Du Deplacement we will have two days of movement together.
The event is suited for everyone regardless of age, gender, skill level or length of beard.


Book your spot before 2017-11-31 to take part of our Early Bird prices. All participants who sign up before then are guaranteed a T-shirt and will be able to chose preferred sizing. After that T-shirts will be available in limited amount in size Medium.


Fenrir Package:

– Access to saturday workshop day and T-shirt: 599kr


Package of Wolves:

– A FWJ4 T-shirt (limited sizes if booked after 2017-11-31)


Saturday the 9th:
Workshops with international guest coaches.
Suitable for all levels and from ages 13 and up

We will meet at 11:00 at Luma Train Station

Sunday the 10th:
Free movement and parkour training session.
Suitable for all levels and ages.

We will meet at 11:00 at Skanstull T-banestation for warmup and then move as a group to other spots around Södermalm