For the fifth year we are happy to announce yet another rendition of the success that is the Fimbulwinterjam 6. Do you have what it takes to survive the harsh winter of the north?
Fimbulwinterjam 6 is an outdoor fitness event for everyone. With the main ingredient being the parkour/freerunning mindset we set out to create an event for anyone with any experience level to have a great time with the functional community building training that is central to parkour.

No matter if you never tried parkour before or is a seasoned veteran, this event will offer you a whole weekend of inspiration, training and personal progress.

We are inviting guest coaches from all over the world to come and take part in the event and show their way of training (or fighting). Stay tuned and make sure to follow our facebook and instagram for more information and the latest updates!

Friday 6th December
Luma! We meet at the bus station.
Specialist evening – 17:00 – 21:00
Sauna at Hellasgården 21:00-22:00
(15 years old and up)
A full evening with a specialist session with the international coaches. Limited spaces.

Saturday 7th December
Odenplan Subway station
Workshop day 9:30 – 17:00
(15 years old and up)
A full day of workshops with all of the coaches from QMPK and guest coaches.
Kids workshops – 9:30 – 12:00
(9-12 years)
A two hours workshop with Quality Movements kids coaches Viktor and Brandon

Sunday 8th December
7:30-9:30 Wake-up Class for Weekend Package attendees.
Luma tramstation
 10:30 – 17:00 Jam day for everyone.
Hornstull Subway station
After lunch we move to Liljeholmen Subway station for the second part of the day
(9 years old and up – parents take responsibility for kids between 9-12)
A full day of free training and fun challenges along with the coaches and students of QMPK.

Sign up before 2019-11-18 to ensure you get your T-shirt size and the early bird-prices! 


According to Norse mythology, Fimbulwinter is that last harsh winter before Ragnarök (end of the world) according to Norse mythology. During this winter warriors are tested to see if they can survive into the oncoming fight against the Jotuns (giants) that aim to destroy the world. If they survive they earn the right to fight in Rangarök and claim a place in Valhalla.


This year we are collaborating with the Finnish Parkour Association that hosts their yearly event Armageddon. The week after the event some of our coaches are traveling across the Baltic Sea to attend and coach at their event. Anyone is encouraged to join! Send an email to and we’ll help you set up a group for travel.
And if you are from the Armageddon wishing to partake in the challenge of Fimbulwinterjam, send an email to and we’ll help you find someone to host you for the event.
Information about the Armageddon-event on: